Aubrey Gordon, President of L.O.V.E. for Animals

Our founder

Aubrey has always been a huge animal lover. Years ago, when she adopted her first dog, a pit bull named Pudge, her eyes were opened to the many epidemics in our world that effect animals.

From breeding dogs, to fighting, to full shelters, and to the heartbreaking statistics of just how many animals are euthanized each year, she felt she needed to help in someway. She helped with multiple dog rescues every year from doing anything from fundraising and promotion, to volunteering and hosting adoption events.

It wasn't until the summer of 2015, when her world was thrown upside down. She was slowly starting to research and investigate going vegan. She gave up pork and beef in 2003 after she was assigned a project for a debate class, where she was given the side to be against meat. But still ate chicken and fish up until that point.  It took a discussion about chick culling with her brother, who is a long time vegan and animal rights activist, to fianlly make the connection. The light bulb went on, and hasn't shut off since!

It is now her life's mission to help people educate themselves on the dangers and atrocities of factory farming. With this knowledge, she believes that people can start living a more compassionate life that not only save animals lives, but their own health as well.

The goal of L.O.V.E. is to encourage people to live a life filled with value and empathy towards others, human and animal.